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 Scion will show this new model at the Los Angeles auto show next month.

This is not really a concept. More like a preview of their new model. Which is basically, as they mentioned before, an updated version of the European Auris hatchback.
So basically, a Corolla Hatch. Just what the Elantra GT is to the regular US sedan version.

Which is fine, Scion does need new models. Anything…

Here is the current Auris for Europe. As you can see, the “concept” has a revised grille/headlights/bumpers. But that’s about it.

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  1. So if they are now going with the i theme (iQ = Smart, iM = generic compact), wonder if the xB will be renamed iV (on life support)?

  2. Scion is pathetic.
    They only need one model: iQuit.

    I really don't think there is an other vehicle I would not buy simply because the brand is so revolting, except a Scion.

  3. zoomzoomer, I didn't know you come here too!

    Soooooo….Scion xD (Dead), Scion xB (Dead), and Scion iQ (Also dead).

    All that will be left is FR-S, tC, iM, and Yaris Sedan. They really just need to pull the plug on teh brand and have Toyota GT, toyota CELICA, Toyota iMATRIX, and Yaris Sedan.

    Sorry Scion, Kia and Hyundai figured out how to put 6 brands into 2.

    – FusioptimaSX

  4. Looks ok, what can be seen.

    Will wait until I can see one in person.

    Same for the CH-R.
    (or whatever the small crossover/hybrid will be).

    One thing… for any brand… any
    "new" vehicle… wait a year before buying… let them work out the bugs(the first year customers).

    Disabled Vet.

  5. The Auris is a nice looking hatchback, but it doesn't exactly scream "youth mobile" to me. I think Scion's mission has failed. Other than the 1st gen tC, I very rarely see any of the brand's products being piloted by anyone that I consider to be "young". I think Toyota would be better off folding up shop on Scion and simply offering the brand's products under the Toyota banner.

  6. scion….bad logo, bad style, bad toyota recall rep standing behind them….
    looks subaru like, I fell very strongly that toyoya's reign is beginning to end, just my thoughts.

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