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 The good old Cadillac Cimarron from the 80’s.
I haven’t seen one around in so many years…

A car we don’t see anymore. But it is still mentioned every single time a luxury car maker is trying to come out with a small car.  It was mentioned a lot when the current ATS came out.
It is basically what Lincoln did with the original MKZ. Which was so much a Fusion.

Here are some ads from the 80’s. Showing how GM was selling the car.
Which was just an over priced dressed up Chevy Cavalier.

“This one’s got the touch” is quite an amazing slogan. It’s so bad it’s good.
And “Best of all…It’s a Cadillac”.  Like if Cadillac still had this great image in the 80’s..

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  1. Who knew silver trim has been around so long?! Also, did GM really design the steering wheel spokes to purposely block your view of the gauges?

  2. I remember riding in one of these back when they just came out. My neighbor in NY had one along with a Seville from the same vintage. Both were white with faux blue convertible tops.

  3. Laugh at thus heap all you want, but one thing I like in cars from back then is they had outward visibility. You could actually see out the back … what a novel concept.

    And the pic also has a manual. Modern cars pretty much suck. Unless compelled to due to a major breakdown, I'll just avoid wasting money on the latest garbage and keep driving the old-timer.

  4. The MKZ was never as lame as the Cimarron. The Zephyr only shared the doors, engine and the roof of the Fusion. The other body panels and the interior were totally different. The reason the Cimarron was such a joke was because it was literally just a Cavalier with a different grille, tail lamps badges and plastic bits. Every piece of sheet metal was the same, as was the terrible interior. The Cavalier was a joke to begin with, so a tarted-up version was even worse. It was an exercise to see how lazy GM could be.

  5. I couldn't help but notice that there isn't a single wreath to be found on the Cimarron's Cadillac crests. Looks like Cadillac has considered it evil for quite some time, now. Too bad it didn't do a lick of good back in the 80's and I wonder why they think it matters so much, now…

  6. Mistake, yes. Joke, maybe. But like the "terrible" Cavalier, for "some" reason, I see far more of them on the road today than I do their 1980's counterparts from Toyota and Honda.

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