Upcoming Cadillac convertible? (CT3?)

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Not sure. This was sent to me from Germany.
It does match the recent rumors of an ATS based convertible.
(Keep in mind this could be fake. Or even some early design model. Who knows)

Although it also does look quite different. My source also mentioned that even though the car is based on the ATS, it is more upscale and priced closer to the CTS.
Pretty much what GM already does with the Astra based Opel Cascada. (which should be coming over here as a Buick)

I also hear the ATS and CTS might be renamed CT2 and CT4. So the car pictures here would be the CT3.
The all new CT1 would be an even smaller sedan competing with the Audi A3.
(Which sounds ridiculous since there is already almost no room in the back seat of the ATS…)

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  1. It's a fake but if a convertible is truly in the works it's a good likelihood that it'll be darn close to this.

    Personally I think Cadillac has more pressing things to blow their cash on.

  2. Based on the grill area, it looks fake. It also looks front wheel drive, like a Cadillac version of the Cascada.

  3. The reason why this 'shop looks believable is that it's got a deformed face and a fat ass. In other words, it's got Cadillac style!

    I predict that it will sell OK the first year and then drop to tiny numbers once realtors realize that they can't fit more than one "For Sale" sign in the trunk.

  4. Upcoming Cadillac convertible? They haven't even brought the Buick convertible to the showrooms yet!

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