2016 Mazda CX-5

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 The CX-5 is also getting a refresh for the new year.
But, unlike the Mazda6, it is not getting a new interior. Which is too bad.
As the current one is pretty bland. Almost Mitsubishi like…

Engines are the same as before. And just like with the revised Mazda6, I don’t think the new front end is an improvement. At all…

Here you can see the small differences inside. The 2016 model is at the bottom.
the display screen is finally larger. And fits better in the dash design.
And some detail trims make the whole thing a bit more upscale.
So it’s not new, but it is better.

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  1. Why would they create more room by getting rid of the clunky handbrake and then add those useless flying buttresses along the center console to rub against your legs? How annoying.

  2. The interior again has many styling cues from Audi. Just look at the knob and the button arrangement next to it. Not a bad thing for a non-luxury brand but not too original.

  3. I was sitting in my CX-5 this morning wondering about those "flying buttresses" as well. They look to extend forward several inches more than what is in the current model and seem like they would definitely hit the knee on occasion. Overall they improved the materials that needed it the most, but since they didn't' give it an entirely new dash like the 3 or 6, I'm happy sticking with mine, which I love.

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