2016 Mazda6

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 Looks like the Mazda6 will be getting a few changes for next year.

The front end is all new, and looks a bit softer. Not sure why they did this, since it looked great before.
And least it doesn’t seem ruined.

Inside, the dash and console seem all new. Which isn’t bad.
I always thought the small GPS screen on the current car looked pretty cheap. So now it has the pop up looking one from the other Mazda models.
The whole thing looks more angular and edgy. Kinda strange since they made the outside (at least the front end) a bit softer…

Here is the current car. So you can tell the differences.

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  1. The new interior is a huge step up and really unifies the interior and exterior design. The current one always reminded me of a 10 year old small Japanese SUV.

  2. I like the updated interior. I thought that the current interior was good, but the new one looks much more modern and elegant. I not, however, as impressed with the exterior changes. The front end changes look subtle, but I'm not a fan of the additional chrome around the grille and down by the fog lamps.

  3. Good looking car, underpowered, with above average handling, average brakes,and with lots of road noise. Enjoy your commute.

  4. I like the current one better. But Mazdas & Hyundais & Kias & Toyotas all look o:k in interior photos. Its when you sit in one that you realize they are all pretty cheap. Pretty sad when a $18k Dart feels more upscale than a $23k Mazda/Camry/Optima/etc.

  5. Mazda is trying to move their cars up and out of that categorization of being the cheapest entrants in the class. That's why the emphasis on progressing their interiors and their look. These are probably the results of feedback from buyers of the CX5 and Mazda3. The Mazda6 hasn't enjoyed the same level of success. But Mazda is a quick acting group. In one year they added a new engine to the CX5 after reviews all calling for more power. I have no doubt they will act on the noise and calls for updating the look. I personally hope Mazda will make an inline 6 from their current engine architecuture as an option for the Mazda6 and for the next CX9 and other more expensive offerings. A Mazda6 6cyl AWD wagon is my personal hope.

  6. As Anonymous Nov. 8 above said, I was hoping that the demise of the CX-7 would encourage Mazda to bring back the 6 wagon, even if they jacked it up Outback-style and called it the CX-6. Rumor has it a 6 coupe will debut at the LA auto show later this month, so anything is possible.

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