2016 Renault Laguna

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First, these are, of course, just illustrations.
Second, we don’t get the Laguna here. We never have and never will.

But the current generation shares most of its platform with our Nissan Altima.
I do think it is time for the Laguna and the Altima to basically become the same car.
Just like what Ford is doing with the Mondeo/Fusion.
Or what GM is doing with Buick and Opel.

It also just happens that Renault’s new front end design could easily be replaced by Nissan’s new front end. (Previewed by last year’s Sport Sedan Concept.) Both similar shapes.

I don’t know. It’s just an idea…. Why not?

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  1. Leave that car as is, swap out the single diamond for the three diamond emblem and sell it as the new galant. Mitsubishi will reestablish itself in the US by actually being re-branded Renaults.

  2. Nissan would never do this to their boring Altima.

    Now … something similar, sporting, and upscale as the next Maxima, but with a CVT-free drivetrain and a manual as an option?

    Oh yeah … please.

  3. Nissan needs to grow it's balls back and offer a real manual in the next Maxima. But I wouldn't bet on it. Losers

  4. "Why not?"

    Uhh, because one is a Japanese car maker and one is a French car maker, and their markets have very different expectations of the badge?

  5. This is really nice. It would be great if Nissan designed an interesting Altima again. When the 2nd generation was launched back in 2001, it was one of the most aggressively styled midsize sedans available. But they haven't changed the style in fifteen years, and now it looks dowdy. I know they feel that they need to keep it bland now that it's a top seller. The Altima has made a successful business of offering the pear-shaped masses a slightly less bland alternative to the Camry. But really, Nissan needs to aim higher. They need to offer a car like this that has some sex appeal.

  6. This looks cool but it is just a drawing, as you said. I think the current Altima has some nifty design aspects but the front fenders and face are just overdone. Something more reserved, yet still sporty and distinctive like this illustration, would be a step in the right direction.

    However, given there upcoming move to the floating roof/kicked-up belt-line in the upcoming Maxima and Murano, I have a feeling we'll be seeing more extreme/bizarre things from Nissan instead.

  7. Greetings

    The Laguna has been always a conservative car.
    They will tone it down until only families / old guys like.


  8. Philthy82: NISSAN is also 100% owned by the French. I know it started out as Japanese, but when they got into financial trouble it was rescued (bought out) by the French Government (same people who own much (all?) of Renaults stock.

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