2016 Toyota Mirai

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No matter how much people will hate this car, it is a very big deal.

One of the very first Hydrogen car available for a normal price.
By “normal”, I mean $57 500. ( Actually closer to $45 000 with incentives)

Still not cheap. But the lease is $499. And that does includes free hydrogen.
So if you fill up your car once week, you could deduct about $200 from that lease price.

Now its pretty similar to a loaded Camry. Which is quite amazing for such new/futuristic technology.
The range is about 300 miles, and refueling takes 5 minutes.
Toyota will even build fueling stations in the Boston/New York area as well as southern California.

I think this could be really cool.

Now for that design…. It’s pretty sad. I mean the greenhouse looks fine. The general shape is just OK.
But the details everywhere are so awkward and overdone. Why?

I do like the idea of such a special car standing out in a crowd. But being weird and ugly is not the right way to stand out.

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  1. It does look awful, as you say. But mad props to Toyota for having a pair of, you know. I only wish I could do more to support an idea whose time came a long, long time ago.

  2. This is truely a tribute to either the misleading marketing abilities of Toyota; or the stupidity of their followers–Im not sure which. Selling a subcompact hunchback–and arguably the most poorly designed cheap car ever–for the price of a Mercedes C class; is one heck of a trick. Chalk one more up for the master builder of "cars for people who hate cars" One smart business move for Toyota–one big (& very expensive) mistake for their customers.

  3. Man that's ugly! It defies all principles of good design. Toyota has this new thing… making their vehicles look as if they were in an accident without repair.

  4. That is one ugly car! I'd rather get a boring, conservative looking car from Toyota, than this hideous thing! The old Honda FCX Clarity, looks way better than this.

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