2016/17 Ford Taurus

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I got a message from one of these “anonymous” people, directing me to a site called “2016 Fordcars”.
Telling me this is a tip.
So here are the pictures from that site.
(Not sure where they are from, and it this is just a way to promote some new site.)

But here it is: the next Taurus. The prototypes I had seen so far still and the enlarged Fusion body as a test mule.
But this is the real thing. And it looks like it will end up being pretty slick.

So, thanks to whoever sent me the link… I guess. 

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  1. I'm happy to see they are bringing back the 2008/9 greenhouse with the sleekness of the 2010 model. I have high hopes for this one!

  2. This is too Audi-like. I think this may be the next A6, not a new Taurus. The arc of the greenhouse, door cut-lines and overall shape are all typical Audi. And with the A3 the wing-mirrors have moved from the A-pillar to the door sides. Guess we will see…

  3. Thats a clear comment on the state of automotive design these days. Even car guys cant tell a $27k Taurus from a $47k A6. I think its a Hyundai. LOL.

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