How about more pictures of that new “bigger than big” grille on the 2015 Chrysler 300

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And, the cleaner rear end…

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  1. The rear end is a very good improvement. The line that bisects the tail lamps on the current 300 reminds me of a 74 Cordoba. And the grille looks good also.

  2. I think it's amazing they can take a design they've had for years and still manage to keep it fresh…think this update is truly American in style and execution and I like it!

  3. I think the big grill is the result of watching Audi–the bigger the grill gets the more they seem to sell. As brilliant as the exterior of this car is; the real accomplishment is the interior on the Platinum version. Real Watin-finished wood and diamond pleated upolstry in a White & Royal Blue two-tone that makes you feel you're in a Bently (which I have been in, and the Chrysler's resemblence is uncanny). Except that the Chrysler has that new 7"TFT+8.5"center screen for unparalleled Nav/Gauge/HVAC/Sound interface. (Which, although not as nice as Rolls-Royce/BMW, is much nicer than anything else in the world–including Bently's.)

  4. Impressive looking and quite distinctive in a positively sophisticated way. It just goes to show you what a good design Chrysler has with the 300.

    Even with the subtle and improved styling it shows that an evolutionary rather than radical design have much more staying power and appeal.

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