L.A Auto Show observations. Part one.

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We have pretty much seen everything from the auto show already.
I went today and decided to just look around. Not just the new models.
Look at little details that maybe pictures don’t show. 
So here it is:

 The Toyota Mirai IS as ugly as you think in real life.
It is just too bad they chose to package such amazing technology with this design.

 The interior is all over the place. There are way too many shapes. It feels totally disconnected. Like designed by 12 people who never talk to each other.
And where all these parts meet (picture right above), it just doesn’t even seem to fit correctly.

Not good for what is a quite expensive car.

 The Scion iM “concept” is just a Toyota Auris with super ugly bits tacked on to it.
Please, just bring over the Auris the way it is, as the production model.
Not this crap.

 The new Mustang interior does have much nicer plastics.
But it is way too shinny. Please make up your mind. Either plastichrome, or non shinny aluminum. Not both!

This is great to see!
Finally. An official Alfa Romeo both!

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  1. Saw a Lexus 250h today, the one nobody bought because it looked just like a Corolla (which it was, basically). Toyota is trying the same trick with their fuel cell car. It's a Corolla underneath, and they are hoping people won't notice.
    They are trying twice as hard this time, maybe they'll get lucky.

  2. The Lexus 250h was based on the same platform as the Toyota Avensis. Also used here for the Scion Tc. NOT the Corolla. It is a different platform.

    The new Mirai is also based on that same platform. So it's NOT a Corolla either.

    Every car maker now is combining platforms, so it doesn't really matter anymore.

  3. I'm surprised that the Lexus 250h was not on the Corolla platform. It looks just like a Corolla with a Lexus badge, especially from the side and back.
    The first time I saw one, I thought it was a joke, like people who put Japanese Axela badges on their left hand drive Mazda 3.

    My point still stands. The Toyota Mirai looks like a Corolla with a fiberglass bodykit. That's going to make it a hard sell.

  4. I wish Scion showed the Tc as it will look in production rather than a concept.

    The 250h is based on the Auris platform not the Corolla. And I believe Lexus stop selling it because of slow sales and the fact all the sedans in their lineup will have a hybrid model.

    I'm not sure why Toyota chose to design the Muira so outrageously this design is the modern version of the Edsel.

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