L.A Auto Show observations. Part three

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 It was the first time I had a chance to sit on the new Hyundai Genesis. And what a let down.

I remember they claimed that everything was the real thing inside. Real wood, aluminum trim etc…
But it all looks fake. Really fake.
(At least in the color combo they have on the floor.)

While I applaud the idea of a very dark wood trim. It just looks like painted plastic. As does the metal trim.
The whole thing doesn’t feel of look upscale.
As a matter of fact, the new Sonata interior looks a bit better. And even, not as cheap.
I don’t get it…
I just have no idea who would ever compare this to an Audi. Or even a Lexus.

 One great interior is the new Lincoln MKC.
Wood and metal trim (real or not) look great.

The only “mistake” is that silver plastic trim surrounding the top console. (Which makes the interior look like a Ford Fusion).
Where they should be using the same material as the one surrounding the wood on the doors.

Otherwise it all looks and feels great.
(Although I really couldn’t see much difference with the cars equipped with the “very overpriced” $5000 Black Label package.)

I didn’t except much from the new Volvo X90, but I must say, it does look better in person.

Sure, it is very conservative. But much better looking than the BMW X5, which like most BMW SUVs is now quite vulgar.

The interior is a bit shiny. But still impressive.

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  1. The new Lincolns have quality interiors but don't move you. Cadillac seems to have striked a better balance offering some style along with the quality. Since Lexus is going crazy with their designs maybe Lincoln will become the new Lexus…the relentless pursuit of boring.

  2. It's funny that in the last post you criticized Audi's boring interior, but now you praise it. The Lexus range has better interiors in terms of design, quality of craftsmanship, and quality of materials than Audi or especially Hyundai. The best interiors are the new Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Lincoln, Cadillac and Volvo. Some Audi, some VW, BMW, Acura, some Ford and some Chrysler interiors are good but not great. The rest of car interiors in general suck in these regards. Some even look good, but they aren't high quality.

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