L.A AutoShow observations. Two

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 Inside the all new Honda HR-V, things are actually pretty nice and modern.
And, with a very roomy back seat. For such a small car.

 Inside the Mazda CX-3, things are even more stylish. With plenty of very nice details and materials.
It just looks great. It also sounds really solid when you close the doors.

But, a lot less legroom than the HR-V behind the driver.

 I also really liked the new Fiat 500X. Stylish inside and out.
With cool details.
Although the doors felt really light. And legroom in the back is, again, not as good as the HR-V.

And then there is the Audi Q3. Bland and uninspired.
Starting at about $33 500, it is at least $12 000 more than these other new compact SUV’s I saw today.
Yet, the back seat is tiny. The interior quality is just OK. And it is actually almost a 4 year old invisible design.
(Sales started in Europe in 2011)


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  1. I have to say that I do agree with you about the Audi. I own a ten year old Audi S4, and am a total fanboy. But some of the new Audis are just way to basic. The Q3 is definitely not good enough for the Audi reputation of having amazing interiors. I was prepared to love the A3, but was completely let down when I sat in one at the dealership. When it comes to interiors, it appears that the low end Audis aren't keeping up with the competition.

  2. My thoughts exactly!
    The current A4 is so much better than the A3. And I think it's only about $3500 or so more.
    But there is a huge difference in quality and feel.
    A4 feels special. The A3 doesn't.

  3. Low end Audi's are the same quality as the "brand-engineered" VW's they share hardware & structure with. But the bigger problem is that while VW is the same quality as 20 years ago, everybody else has passed them up. Fiat 500 is just one example of an interior that seems more on the level of a Mini or Mercedes C-Hatchback than the overpriced Audi does.

  4. Vince thanks for the insight on the interior of the HR-V. I think Honda will sell several boat loads of these. While I do like the Mazda CX-3, the backroom seating is just too tight and more suited for small children.

    The Audi's interior is very disappointing for such an expensively priced cross over. Blah.

  5. "But the bigger problem is that while VW is the same quality as 20 years ago, everybody else has passed them up."

    While I can agree with Vince and some of the other comments, I can't agree with this. Excluding the Jetta and maybe the Passat with that horrible faux woodgrain, VW's are well above other mass-market brands with regard to interiors. Sit in a Golf and sit in just about anything else, even if the other car costs $5k more, and the discussion is over. VW still deserves their well-earned reputation for nicely designed, well assembled interiors.

  6. Bottom line is….You cannot expect Luxury from Hyundai. This is a company that makes ok/ average cars. Thay have improved but as we all know are far away from ever becoming a quality brand. People buy Hyundai for perceived value, not luxury or quality. Perceived is in reference to the fact that they aren't always the best deal.

  7. Well..Vince… I agree with your comments, more than some "main stream" sites.

    One site did not even mention the HR-V in their "top picks) from the show, and the 500X only got a few votes(?).

    The one thing I worry about is MPG; since we got a hybrid( used C-Max… great prices used, and decent warranty, and 40 MPG avg, for Combined hwy/city mpg)…. it would be difficult for us to consider these, as I doubt any of them will get 40 mpg combined city/hwy miles.

    If Honda decides to offer the hybrid system, like they do with the Vezel in Japan, I would definitely give it a look.

    Also… I read something about in the next few years, Sergio(Fiat/Chrysler) said something like Chrysler(and maybe Fiat?) will need to use some hybrid systems to get MPG ratings up, to meet upcoming CAFE regs by 2016-2017?

    If they would offer this 500X(or eve the L) in hybrid… I would really consider one of their vehicles.

    Why doesn't the Mazda have a center console/arm rest in their vehicle(unlike the 500X and the HR-V)?

    That reminds me of the interior of our 1990 XE Sentra( no arm rest/center console…. surprised they still offered power windows… and didn't go backwards and offer roll up windows only).

    Mazda has a decent design… but seem to be doing a little de-contenting these days, to some degree.

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