Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake

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This is yet another wagon we won’t be getting in the US.
As Mercedes is making more money selling us the GLA. So again, no car based wagon for us.

Just as we are not getting the new C-Class wagon either. Instead, we will be getting the all new C-Class based GLC next year. Which will replace the GLK.

Less truck regulations and higher profits help all these guys push SUVs in the US market.

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  1. I think one of the reasons why we don't get these wagons is that mainstream US buyers don't custom-order cars. That means that every dealer would have to stock a few of these, and it would get tricky to match-up the color/package combos with the right buyers.

    There would be lots of dealer swaps. Just like in musical chairs, some dealers would get stuck with unsaleable combinations.

    Lots of European buyers custom-order their cars, so it's no problem to offer 18 different versions of the 3/4 Series. Most won't get built until the deposit clears the bank.

  2. This actually looks well proportioned, if only my fellow US citizens would allow wagons in their lives instead of crossovers (the new minivans).

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