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Looking really nice.
I think, no matter if any of us like it or not, this will be a hit for Fiat in the US.
This is exactly what they need here to grow the brand.
Let’s just hope they price it right.

Among the engines available overseas (US specs have not been announced yet), are a 140HP and 170HP versions of the 1.4 Liter Turbo.
As well as the “old” TigerShark 2.4 Liter with 187HP.
I would guess that all 3 might make it over here.
The 140HP model is FWD and available with a 6 speed auto.
While the other 2 engines are matted to 4WD and 9 speed auto.

I can’t wait to see the US version soon.
This will be quite a hot segment for 2015, with the Chevrolet Trax and Honda HR-V coming soon as well.

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  1. I really am liking this. But I was just abroad and rented a Fiat Punto with 50k km (30k miles) and man that car was shot to hell already, despite that it was fun. I grant a life as a rental on lousy roads is tough, but it's not like it had 100k miles on it. I have one vehicle with 250k miles that has been thru hell and still drives like new – renting a Fiat makes me kinda not want a Fiat.

  2. Didn't they announce a 170 hp 1.4T 2wd manual 6-speed and 2.4 4wd automatic 9-speed for the Renegade?

    The 500x should have the same two options stateside, although a 4wd manual would be sweet.

    I've said it before, but Fiat really knows how to dress-up an inexpensive car. That leather is really nice, and the body-colored dash brightens everything up.

  3. Not for me. I run a Detail shop in Atlanta, and the new Fiat 500's that come in have the worst build quality of any cars I've seen since the 80's. Numerous interior pieces will literally break off in your hand. I've yet to see one seat release latch last longer than 25K miles. Body panel gaps so large that mold growth becomes a problem. Shame too…I was really looking forward to small, fun driving Fiats returning to the states.

  4. Atlanta Detail,

    What I hear from Chrysler-Fiat techs is that the only issues they ever have with the 500 are little plastic creaks and such. They never have to open engines or transmissions, and they never have electronics issues. Seems like a good compromise, except if you're an auto detailer of course.

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