More pictures of the new Aston Martin Lagonda

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Where we can finally see the lines of the car (previous pix were of a very dark car)
And I think it looks quite amazing and stunning.
I can only imagine the presence of that thing on the road.

Imagine, yes. Since it is not on sale in the US or Europe. At least for now, it is only available in the middle east.

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  1. Interesting car. It's not beautiful, but it certainly has curb presence. I don't know if anyone in the US or Europe will want a car that was purpose built for the Middle Eastern market. To those familiar with the luxury industry, the approach of targeting the UAE market is called "dragging a dollar bill through a trailer park." It's a wonderful way to dilute the equity of your brand.

  2. I'm sure Sheik So-And-So will adore it, but there's nothing here for me, or most guys under 80, IMO. It looks like some 1960 to late 1970's concept car. Only there's nothing exciting about it. And look at those overhangs… and those rims.

    I'm not at all impressed, Vince. I sure hope they don't plan on producing more cars like it.


  3. As beautiful as this thing is, Acura could have built something like that had they have the right designer people. People with visions and daring. Can any one dispute that front end can vaguely remind us of some former Acura product (the Legend).
    I am not saying that looks like an Acura by any mean, just saying Acura employ such talented design personals. They just freaking too comfortable.
    How you fired Chris Bangol after putting the BMW 7 series into the conversation, while this guy (Dave Merrick) at American Honda only inject Acura in the conversation as object of ridicule.
    And Acura's performance department please give us some more beefy tires, and a stubby nose would help a whole lot. Look what that did for Hyundai. Without a stubby nose Mazda would like an Acura.

  4. Not quite as foolish looking as the last Lagonda. But there are a lot of conflicting design elements with this car.

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