VW Golf R Variant

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So this is the crazy 300HP version of our upcoming 2016 Sportwagen.
This will get tons of people excited I’m sure.

Yet, how many will actually buy an expensive 300HP compact wagon in the US…

I will be introduced at the L’A Auto Show, so I am assuming it will make it over here. But really, who knows…

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  1. I'm about to buy a 2009 Audi A6 avant chipped by Audi dealer to 379 horses and other goodies like nice 20" rims.

    I must be a mutant because everyone else seems to want a big bulky SUV here in Canada and obviously in the US as well.

    I'd probably think about this new Golf R if it was available. Power, handling and space, I assume it's AWD too.

    If you've got two kids and your other car is an SUV, this car the perfect sled for a Dad who still likes to drive.

    Hope they bring it and sell lots of them. Then maybe Subaru will bring back the Legacy GT wagon too.

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