2015 Mustang drive.

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  A couple of days ago, I got the chance to drive a few versions of the new 2015 Mustang.
Invited by Ford.

This was a really fun day.

First, I have to say the new Mustang looks really nice in person. Very muscular, sporty, yet more refined than before.
(I still think there would be nothing wrong with it being a hatchback, but that’s just me…)
And it is still pretty big. 

The weirdest looking thing, to me, are these small vents on the hood of the V8 versions.
Not sure if they are really functional, since previous models never had that.
It actually looks a bit weird from the driver’s point of view.

 Inside, things are quite nice. And more refined than before. Sure, it is still a bit shiny for my taste.
But at the same time, nicely retro.
The shifter is much smaller, and less “cartoony” looking than before.
Trims and plastics are great.

 A very nice soft plastic/stiches finish is part of the premium interior option.

 The manual shifter is actually a bit small. If almost feels weird at first. (And actually hard to really show how small it is/feels on a picture) Note the “non premium” console.

 The base model does have cheaper/harder plastics. And a cheesy carbon fiber looking finish on the dash, instead of metal.
The “premium” option is a must. Really.

As for the drive.
The 1st car I drove was a V8 automatic. Which is quite fantastic.
The main difference with the previous model, is of course, the well advertised all new suspension.
The car now behave more like a modern model.
But also, gone is the “retro charm” of that old fashion live axle.

Everything feels really solid. The ride is firm yet very comfortable.

I also tried the 6 speed manual. Which was very refined and easy to shift.
But the Automatic now has a “manual” option, which actually helps. Since in normal mode, it is still reluctant to downshift.

Things changed when I drove the new 2.3 Liter Ecoboost.
That car was equipped with a sport package.
The harder suspension is really way too hard for every day driving. It’s just too much.
I would make sure to skip it at all cost, unless you plan to take the car on a track. A lot.
The tires were also way noisier on the freeway.
Not the best combo for everyday driving.

Also, that model did not have the Premium interior option. Which actually makes a big difference.
Without it, there is a lot more black plastic switches on the console. The material on the doors is now hard instead of soft. Gone is the stitching on the dash, etc…

The new 2.3 Liter Ecoboost is great. With plenty of power, a silent idle and making refined sounds all the time.
But in the end, it isn’t that special. It makes the Mustang sound and feel more like any other coupe on the market.

Basically, the V8 is what makes this car special.

The new 2015 Mustang is a great improvement on the previous model. Which was already really nice. (in V8 form)
Basically, this is a really nice car. And the Ecoboost is much more refined than the “almost fleet only” tractor like V6.

But still, no matter what, that V8 feels and sounds fantastic…

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  1. That is a sweet looking car–from all angles. The Challenger has more HP, a 5-star safety rating and more room (especially in the back) but the Mustang still looks good in my eyes. Even if it doesnt have a 700HP MDS HEMI & ZF 8-speed.

  2. I'm with you on the hatchback design. I would love if ford made this a hatchback and designed a hardtop coupe like the original and 80's models had. 😋

  3. It's a nice looking car. The exterior doesn't fire me up in pictures, but it has an impressive presence in person. What gets under my skin is the use of shiny plastichrome. When did this become acceptable? It's in everything from Ford, to Lexus to Jaguar. And it's awful. In my Audi, it's eggshell finish authentic metal. In my Range Rover, the chrome is some metal, some shiny plastic that is blinding when the sun hits it. The plastic stuff is the wrong weight, the wrong temperature, the wrong heft. If automakers spent an extra $5 on this, it would feel like $100.

  4. I still haven't been up close to one, but I did see one as I drove by a dealership a week or two ago, though. The front end looked high to me (almost like the engine was out of it–the hood needs to have more of a rake to it and be lowered a bit–something I understand is probably impossible at this point for a number of reasons). And something about the greenhouse just gave me an "Asian" vibe (maybe the b and c-post in particular?). Ford's corporate, one basic design philosophy doesn't exactly make it so special anymore, either.

    In the end, it's a car that I want to love, but can't quite, at least not to look at/identify with. Of course, my opinion is based entirely on what I've seen in pics and one quick drive-by!

  5. It does look better in person, but it also looks like a Fusion coupe up front. Also, what happened to the weight loss that it was supposed to get? Oh that credit goes to the F-150. Here is hoping the Camaro will deliver.

  6. Darn Vince I want to love the new Mustang. Really. But there is just something lost in the translation. The overall shape looks okay but the car doesn't inspire any of that heritage passion that I remember back in the day.

    I'm looking forward to the new Camaro though.

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