2016 BMW 7 Series

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This is bad news for anyone expecting something new from BMW.

This “all new” next 7 series looks, as usual, pretty much like the previous one.
There seem to be zero new thinking in that design department.
It’s almost a joke.
It looks like the current model with some added 3 or 4 series bits. Like headlights etc…
Even the interior is pretty much the same (!)

I guess it is now pointless to expect anything “new” looking from these guys. (Except the electric “i” models)

Still. This is a high end car that should lead. Not constantly follow what is was before.
And I am sure it drives great, includes the latest technology etc… But why not design something with just a tiny bit of style, for that much money you would think people would appreciate that.

It’s about time people stop buying these things and demand something that at least looks current.
But, you know, some people have to have their BMW and nothing else. So I guess this is for them.
For them only.

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  1. Seems like there's a bit of Buick Lucerne in there somewhere. Very ordinary and ugly at the same time.

  2. Was planning to move upscale and trade the 5 for a 7 as soon as the new 7 came out. But if this is the only change coming for the next 3 years, I will have to rethink that. Im shocked–after the major changed Benz has done to the S, that BMW thinks they can sit on their laurels like this. Very disappointing.

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