2016 Cadillac CTS-V

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Actually looking quite good.

Although it seems that the silver car has some kind of a “Assy spoiler option” that ruins the whole thing…
The interior has too much of that Gold/Black combo that reminds me of what these vulgar looking pulldown girls are wearing outside of these sleazy Hollywood Blvd clubs on Thursday nights.

The new CTS in general seems so invisible in traffic. Which is too bad.
This just adds a little. I actually think the grille Cadillac uses on the new V models should just be the standard one.
It just looks better, more upscale. The standard design looks very generic. And a bit cheap.

Otherwise, you now get a 6.2 Liter V8 with 640HP.
But no more manual. It’s all 8 speed auto now.

I had the chance to test drive the previous generation CTS-V Wagon a while ago.
What a fun car. But I have to say, most of that fun came from the 6 speed .
The combo of over 550HP with a manual was unbeatable.

That’s all gone now….

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  1. The good news: the Cadillac faithful are wetting themselves right now. The bad news: the Cadillac faithful are wetting themselves right now.

    "Vulgar" pretty much sums up this car. And the majority that will buy them.

  2. Anon 6:01

    With that kind of bitterness, you must be a single fat girl with lots of cats.

    I think this car is awesome. just eighty-six the ridiculous wing and tone down the colorful leather, and I'm in.

  3. With that kind of bitterness, you must be a single fat girl with lots of cats……

    A small weenie said.

  4. It's a shame that Cadillac has attempted to position itself as just another competitor aspiring to be Mercedes-Benz, BMW or even Jaguar.. surely there is a way to distinguish themselves in that arena while embracing some of their heritage? Perhaps as the smoothest and most comfortable sport sedan of the bunch? Or roomiest? Or best styled? Because this looks pretty much like it has for over a decade already.

  5. Don't want to "aspire"? Build cars BETTER than the competition. Get the little details right. Excel. Quit building products that lack vision. Make a statement. Build cars the competition doesn't. Build cars with class, not for tasteless buffoons looking to step up from their Z06, or downsize from their crew cabs.

    Drop leadership that's doing nothing more than following the competition (and not very well).


  6. It looks very banal. I prefer my Q70 with less horses, but more substance. Is it not time to come up with another look? What are they paying the designers for?

  7. When a car comes along and appears to be able to wipe the floor of BMW, Audi, Mercedes, all the little brats come out of the woodwork and complain about the looks. It's amusing. The car is beautiful, with an interior that feels like money. I believe that Cadillac will sell every one they can build.

    All I can say about that is… after forty years of selling crap, it's about damned time. Goon on ya Cadillac!

    The "banal" comment coming from an Infiniti owner made me snort laugh. The Q70 is a less good rehash ("banal" you might say) of the previous generation G cars. It certainly isn't in this league. If you prefer that over the CTS-V, then that's pretty dumb.

  8. How very Cadillac of you, December 30 at 8:27 PM, to come in and hurl insults. I hope you get to enjoy one of these someday, you would be a perfect fit.

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