2016/17 Hyundai Equus

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 Looks like the big Equus will get even more conservative with its upcoming redesign.
At least from what we can see here.
Unless that rear side window is part of a clever camouflage. (which it could be)

It would be nice if someone was actually trying to break the mold and do something daring for a high end sedan. They don’t sell that many of these anyway, so why not try something different?

Here is the current model. 

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  1. Wow.. what was already an unimpressive styling effort looks like it's going ridiculously bland.. somehow I'm feeling like Hyundai is attempting a Bentley Flying Spur look, which would be OK if there was some history or cachet to back it up. Where Genesis has made a bold step forward, this seems to look decidedly backward.

  2. I have yet to see one on the road–or in a dealer showroom, for that matter. They must lose a bundle on every car built with a volume that low. Good thing its supported by South Korean Taxpayers!

  3. Doesn't make any sense that this would be the Equus. It has a dumpy profile with front doors shaped like the first gen Genesis and the rear doors of a 2003 Honda Accord!

    I've been surprised by how many I've seen so far on the road.

  4. If you look at the latest styling coming from Hyundai, they seem to be chasing awkward and timid rather than sophisticated and elegant.

    The cupboard over at Hyundai is definitely bare.

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