Mercedes GLE “Coupe”

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 Sure it’s a coupe. Not!
This is yet another 4 door car called “coupe”. So weird that now it has become wrong to call things by their name. By what they really are.
This is an AWD Hatchback.

Apparently, since there is an E in its name, it is related to the E Class.
So it basically could look a lot like a raised hatchback version of the next E Class coming out next year.
the interior is also different from the current E Class sedan. So this also could be the dashboard of the next E Class.

Of course, there will be an AMG version also. With a 3.0 Liter V6 Turbo with over 360HP.

This is what the GLE reminds me of.
Except these were called by their real names. The coupe had 2 doors. And the wagon was… a wagon.

These guys were so ahead of their time.

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  1. This is just the current ML Class (soon to be renamed GLE) with a hatchback and it's facelift interior (soon to come too).

    The E-Class will look more like a longer C-Class, so more attractive than this atrocity…

  2. Come on Vince… This is all pretty simple. Remember MB is adjusting some vehicle names. The M-class is being renamed GLE-class for 2015. This is a "coupe" version of the refreshed current gen M/GLE. GLE Coupe is to the GLE (2015 M-class) as BMW X6 is to the X5.

  3. I dunno Vince, the X6 or this look more like an Aztek to me.

    But I don't think they're really for us. I think this car is all about the China market.

  4. I echo Johnny's comments. There are spyshots of the next E-Class's interior and they are nothing like this (think mini S-Class).

    This has been known for a while to just be the coupe version of the ML (which is being renamed GLE). Come on, Vince.

  5. The back end reminds me of a Buick Verano, so if anyone says this Mercedes is good-looking, the Buick is absolutely gorgeous!

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