Opel Karl (Official pix)

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Now we can really see what it looks like.
Which is… Not that great. Really.
And not German looking at all in my opinion. While the Adam seems very original, this could be from Hyundai or Toyota.

I also hear it will be built in Korea anyway.
So it’s not THAT German…

Engines include a 3 cylinder with 75hp.
On sale next summer in Europe.

I wonder if this will also end up here as the Spark, since it looks pretty much the same size.

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  1. A couple nice creases on an otherwise completely forgettable effort. (The sort of effort GM sadly doesn't get enough "credit" for.)

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm getting tired of 100-year-old tech wrapped in what looks like 15-year-old sheetmetal (with fancy shmancy headlights, of course).

  2. It's a slightly less deformed Chevy Spark that could have come out 10 years ago.

    I don't see how anybody could choose this over a new Twingo or the new small Toyota/Peugeot/Citroen that just came out in Europe. GM's going to have to discount this banality so much that it will have a negative impact on all Opels: would you drop $40,000 Euros on an Insignia if it's sold side-by-side with this thing? No way, you'll go to a real car dealer instead.

  3. Hey Vince, next time you leave us with the same article for a week straight, at least be civil put the pic with the cute chick at the top, man.


    (hope all is well)

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