2015 GTI Test Drive coming up.

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I just got this for a week. So if you have any questions…

So far, the “new” version of VW’s 2.0 Liter still sounds a bit “Diesely” to me. Something I actually get used to after a while. (But why? Since other car makers can produce much quieter and smoother 2.0 Liter engines)

And, of course, it has the DSG automatic. I really would prefer a manual in a car like this…

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  1. I'm very curious as to the omission of the multi-port and direct fuel injection system the European version has. (VAG FSI/TSI motors with direct-injection only historically have suffered from a high frequency of carbon build-up as the inlet tract doesn't make contact with the detergent fuel spray). I've read there are other omissions in this motor vs. the European EA888 2.0 Turbo too. Why must North America get the cheapie version?

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