2016 BMW 1 series

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 This is a car we are not getting.

Pictured here is the 3 door model. As you can see, most of the changes are the usual BMW’s “new bumpers and lights and don’t even ask for more since this isn’t all new”.
(Although the rear lights are really different this time.)
Inside the biggest change seems to be a larger screen.

These are now available with the 3 cylinder engine from the new Mini Cooper in the base models.

Here is the current model.
The front was weirder. But maybe also cleaner and more modern than the new one. Which now tries to look like the 2 series coupe we have here.

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  1. The current one is seriously fug. The new one is an improvement, but I don't know that there's any demand for this. I don't think BMW needs to go any further downmarket. Or Audi or MB for that matter.

  2. I am not so sure that this is an improvement. German press is claiming that this will be the last "real" small BMW, since the next one will carry the Mini's underpinnings and therefore will switch from RWD to FWD. It's mentioned that RWD does not give the car any advantages but having a unique selling point. In contrast you have less space in the car itself. Economically speaking, it also makes sense. So if you're into small RWD BMWs, this might be its last example.

    IMO, the new front is very conservative and the new back lights aren't working at all.

  3. BMW really needs to get their act together on styling. I'm hanging on to my gorgeous "Chris Bangle" era Bimmer HOPING that they will up the ante in the styling department before Im forced to buy something better-looking than the latest BMWs. The x5 was a huge disappointment. (So Ive driven Grand Cherokees & am eagerly awaiting the Volvo xc90. The 3GT is nice (though not as nice at the MB CLS) but the ride is too harsh and not adjustable for long trips. The 5GT has the best ride & all-around package–but boy, what an ugly exterior. I was so hoping the 2014 upgrade would have been more A7-like. (A7 is too small inside for me). Come on BMW!–you're killin me!!!!

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