2016 Buick Velite?

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This is what the Buick display at the Detroit Auto Show is supposed to look like.
Which shows a Buick version of the Opel Cascada. (rumored to be renamed Velite for the US market)

They are also supposed to show the US version of the Envision SUV shown in China last year.

I am glad Buick is bringing the Cascada Over. It seems to be a really good fit for the US brand.
Let’s just hope they don’t price it too high. Which has been a common GM mistake lately. (especially with the Cadillac CTS and SLR)

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  1. I disagree, Vince. This is a PERFECT fit for Buick. It's a total yawner, minus the top.

    Fleets might buy these, but individuals won't.

    Buick: We make five-year-old Toyotas look like Ferraris.

  2. i realize that's just a tiny image, but I think the Buick convertible looks very hot. What color is that (silver?)
    Nice wheels and just enough chrome. And the appeal of a drop-top.

  3. It's doubtful the Cascada name will remain in the U.S. since Cascade was supposedly a rejected name for the Cimarron because it reminded clinics of the soap.

  4. This is the car Chrysler Sebring vert' owners and Hertz has been waiting for. Buick needs to give us a proper GNX and not the one off the proposed ATS variant.

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