2016 Chevrolet Volt

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I must say I am a bit disappointed. At least from these pictures.
It doesn’t really look better or more modern than the current model to me. More like a cross between the 1st generation and  Honda Civic.
It has lost something…

They now claim a 50 miles range for the EV mode. Which is only10 miles more than the current one. I was really expecting better. Like maybe 60 or 70 miles.
The new 1.5 Liter engine/generator gets a 41 MPG average rating. Which is fine.
It also seats 5.

But still no sunroof… I really was expecting a bit more for an all new 2nd generation.

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  1. It looks great, until you get to that melted prius back that doesn't fit tube rest of the car.

  2. I don't agree with you on this one. I think the exterior looks better executed and much more upscale when compared to the 1st gen car. I think the 2nd gen looks much more like a "car" instead of an "alien space pod".

  3. The hump in the rear comes up higher than the seat cushion so to say it seats 5 is total bS on the part of GM.

  4. Hopefully they improved the legroom in the back seat. I am 6'2" and my kids can't even sit behind me in the current one.

  5. Vince, clean off those shades. The current Volt is dorky looking; this design is AWESOME! Best-looking small sedan ever!

  6. Yup – I'll trade my current Ampera for one of these if Opel decides to sell it in Europe.

    And what is this American obsession with a sunroof ?

  7. The outside looks good. A little more grille work and they nail the Sonata look. Inside it's a mess. To this day I swear the 1997 Honda Accord nailed the dashboard and none since by anyone has managed to come close.

  8. its not perfect – I hat that black plastic blob on the front fender that connects tot he mirror housing.

    but despite that unforced error, this design is far better looking than either Prius or Civic. Civic did get to this shape a few years back, so I see why it seems derivative. But GM did a nice job with the face and tail.

    50 mile range is nothing to sneeze at either. I'd say 99% of my driving trips are under 50 miles. When I'm headed to Tahoe or LA, then you gas up. Otherwise, no fossil fuel. Sweet.

  9. It will be fun to see this in person. Based on these photos, I agree majority of comments. The back looks like total marriage of Prius with Civic.

    Bit of eggcrate grille at bottom front is all the Chevy I see.

    Assignment: 'Make it look like other hybrid cars' instead of building on original identity of its own.

    Quite the trend now for quite a few models– the blend into the herd so they can't be told apart philosophy…

  10. Gonna have to see this in person. Not really feeling it. It looks very conventional and Honda-ey.

  11. Man, that interior is such a step backwards. The original looked fresh and futuristic, with their iPod-looking center console. This "newer" one looks like a concoction from the GM parts bin. How much different is this interior from the new Malibu's?

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