2016 Chinese Buick Excelle

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The Excelle is basically our Verano for the Chinese market.
Both are versions of the Opel Astra Sedan. Which is scheduled to be all new this year.

So far it just looks too close to the current car. There is  really nothing new.
The stunning Avenir Concept from the Detroit Show showed a new grille design for Buick.
But it looks like the Excelle/Verano won’t be getting it. Yet…

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  1. This won't be the Verano. This is a replacement for the aged Buick Excelle (not the Excelle GT/XT, which shares its styling with the Astra and our Verano).

    The non GT/XT Excelle in China is based off of the Daewoo Lacetti.

    If you compare the shots of this car to the spyshots of the Verano, you'll see that there are significant differences.

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