2016 Fiat 500

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I had read somewhere a while ago that it would be “all new” for 2017.
Which, I guess is wrong, since they are getting this “refresh” ready for later this year.

Which will include revised front and rear end, but especially a new interior (At least the dashboard)
As you can see, there will be room for a screen. Which means a proper GPS option will be available.

I guess that means an all new one is at least 3 years away now.
Quite a long time. Even though we’ve had the car for just a few years in the US. It has been on sale in Europe since 2007!

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  1. Maybe this is the "mandatory backup camera" update. Not sure why you would need a backup camera in a 500, but suburban folk keep backing over their kids in their Tahoes, so now we have to get them.

  2. Just curious, Vince, how do you know that is not the interior of the all new 2017 version? Any pics of the outside of this?

  3. Vince,

    Just saw a European test drive of the 500x and it uses the same screen. Pretty sure this is just a mild refresh of the 500. Maybe Fiat figured-out that the old Microsoft-sourced connectivity wasn't cutting it anymore.

    BTW, the new captchas are almost impossible to decipher. I swear I'm not a robot!

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