2016 Honda Pilot

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Already looking much better than the current model.

We should see the whole thing in just a few weeks since the unveiling will take place on Feb12th.

On a side note, I remember a few years ago, getting emails from one of the designers of the current version. After I did a post on how boring I thought the design was.
This guy became angrier with each email, finally threatening to “kick my ass” if he ever saw me.

Let’s see what happens this time around…

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  1. The silhouette reminds me of an even larger CR-V. Guess Honda figured why not just save on all that tooling and expense to give the Pilot its own unique look.

    Besides, it's a Honda and legions of Honda faithfuls will open up their pocketbooks and wallets to buy. I see another successful launch for them.

  2. Even though I realize this is just a painting, it is encouraging to see greenhouse opened up & belt line dropped down.

    Strong and simple proportions are appealing.

    Watch out for designers getting hot under the collar!

  3. So it's basically getting a slightly less coupelike version of the MDX greenhouse with a bodyside contour reminiscent of the HR-V. Surprised they confirmed the Pilot name was being retained, was totally expecting it to be called the PR-V.

  4. BIG IMPROVEMENT!!! The current one looks like a cheapened version of a Dodge Nitro. This is more GM-like with Jeep wheel openings & M-350 tail lights. Looks like the Designer who threatened to "kick your a$$" got his own a$$ kicked! (either that or he got kicked out completely and this was penned by his replacement).

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