2016 Hyundai Equus

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Just a couple more pictures of the next Equus.
Looking a bit more conservative than the current model. At least on these shots.
It’s basically competing in a conservative market, so I guess it’s not going to make any waves.

There is an all new Lexus LS due out at about the same time. So that could be interesting to see.
And the all new Cadillac CT6 as well.

All big luxury cars that BMW or Mercedes owners would never consider.

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  1. The Genesis runs circles around this garbage design…I can't believe this is going to be a 2016 Model…

  2. Carl
    I would like to share my experience considering your statement. I was a Mercedes owner and even fanatic. I tried the Lexus LS 2014 and aczualy i bought it. I know few other people who changed their mind too.

    Just want to say i love this car. It's different than my 2011 Benz but in good ways. I was not unhappy of my S500 Benz even very happy but after trying the all new S Class and this Lexus i really liked it alot. And this is not a price issue. In Switzerland a brand new Lexus is not less expensive than a Mercedes just a little bit. But the price was not the reason of my decision.This Lexus is realy an excellent Auto and i admit that i am very surprised.

    Sorry for my bad english :))

  3. Looks a lot like I expect the CT6 will.. seems like someone told the Hyundai designers that the Bentley Flying Spur was the style target.

  4. Vince, I completely agree. The Equus is not a contender in the true lux segment because it brings nothing innovative or introduces any technological breakthroughs in the true lux driving experience. Other than being merely "competitive" with existing well-known and established brands, it is quite a forgettable car.

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