2016 Hyundai Tucson

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 There’s an all new Tucson coming out later this year.
Looking nice, like most recent Hyundai models.

And again, looking like a slightly more conservative version of the current one.
The interior does seem a bit more upscale, and less gimmicky.

The slightly more conservative trend might actually not be such a bad move.
I recently went for a short drive in a 2015 Sonata, and was really impressed.
The interior that looks boring and square in pictures, actually feels and looks quite upscale in real life. The car is also super smooth, quite and very solid.

Pretty much what people have been expecting in a Toyota Camry for years. But with more style and a much more coherent design than the current awkward/trying too hard Camry.

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  1. I drove a 2015 Sonata and I don't agree with you at all. I think it looks as bad in person as it does in pics. I was extremely unimpressed with the car and still believe it was a step backwards compared to the previous design, and btw, I drove the top of the line one.

  2. Vince, you seem to be in agreement with the majority of reviewers who have test driven the 2015 Sonata.

    I also found the interior to be a welcome change from the previous model. The front end of the car is too overly generic looking though.

    Sales aren't as robust as when the redesigned 2011 first appeared. It maybe too early yet for Hyundai to do an early refresh. We shall see.

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