2016/17 Mercedes E.Class

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This is just an illustration.
But it looks pretty realistic. Since it blends a bunch of current Mercedes designs into one.

And it does look really good. Quite stylish for the E Class.

We should see the real thing before the end of the year.

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  1. Vince… to me this looks odd. From the windshield forward it looks like an over designed and disproportionate Infiniti (not a fan of Nissan) and stuck behind it is a Volkswagon CC (which is clean). I do not quite understand the bulky front end look that so many cars are sporting. I would not recognize this as a Mercedes. It looks like a watch-cha-ma-call-it Kia or Hyundai. Stylists and designers of a vast majority of current automobiles have lost their way to clean, elegant and sophisticated design.

  2. Naah, that's a pretty artsy interpretation.. if you look at the C and S, they both have a roofline and greenhouse that are much more upright and have a far less sweeping backlight, with much taller glass.. this is how I might expect the next CLS (or CLE under the new naming scheme) to look though.

  3. an ergonomic roof line and greenhouse glass are fine…. overall the the design not what it could be. Eero Saarinen once wrote… automobiles should be designed to appear moving when standing still. It still looks awkward.

  4. I hope it has headroom. A 4-door with less than 39" in the back seat is just an ungainly version of a coupe–and useless. (At least in the US). (And legroom; we're not all 5'8" over hear you know. And among those that can afford a car over $50k, people tend to be taller than the average of the masses.) THAT'S why so many buy an Escalade or RAM Longhorn when all they need (or want) is a 300 or E-class or CTS. WE CANT FIT! And a luxury car thats too small to be comfortable for long drives makes about as much sense as having a cargo plane for your private jet!

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