Buick Avenir Concept

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I think this looks great.

An American luxury car that doesn’t try to look European. Which, I think, is the right idea.

I do like the retro touches a lot. And the interior is simple and modern.

Not sure if this is a preview of things to come at Buick.
But it is our first look at the new RWD Omega platform. A RWD Buick flagship model has been rumored four years.

The whole thing seems production ready to me. Even the technical specs:
-“Next generation” V6
-9 speed auto
-4G and WiFi

Nothing really crazy here.
It just looks like it’s ready to go.

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  1. The Lacrosse concept looked amazing too and then they dumbed it down. This is a great looking concept….hope they stay close to it.

  2. I think it's awkward as all heck. It looks like a hatchback from the one angle, something Mr. Magoo would drive in another. Really odd. And no, the grill doesn't work, and neither does the bar below it.

    It looks like a styling nightmare. There's nothing new here, and what's here is ungainly.

    It doesn't work as a concept, and it certainly won't work as a production car 3 or more years down the road, IMHO.

  3. This is one sexy Buick concept. If Buick can make a production version that closely resembles this concept, then the brand will have an incredible flagship offering.

    I am wondering if this concept is a preview of an enlarged next gen LaCrosse, though (possibly?). A bigger next gen LaCrosse would give Buick a proper flagship sedan and allow a little breathing room for the next gen midsize Regal.

    I would much rather see this concept evolve into a RWD flagship sedan that is positioned above the LaCrosse. With it's sexy proportions, I think it could proudly sport the "Riviera" name, even though it has 4 doors.

  4. I don't think this design will translate into a very good looking production vehicle. It looks like a Chrysler LH platform car from the 90s.

  5. stunning piece of work and i am a lover of another brand. this is sexy and stunning. Listen all you simple sheep, if this looked as is, and had a bugatti stamp on it, the same fools that are knocking it would love it.

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