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Yes, I know… “BYD Tang”.
And yes, it does look a lot like a weird version of the Lexus RX. With a bit of everything else thrown in there.

But let’s get past the name. (As well as some design elements). And take a look at the specs:

-2.0 Liter Engine with 205HP
-2 electric motors with 150HP each.
-505 HP total!!!
-531 lb ft of torque!!!
-117MPG !!!!

I repeat:
-505HP and 117MPG!

It all sounds crazy. On top of it all, the price. Starting at the equivalent of $48 000.
Before local incentives.
Which right now, in China, would bring the actual cost down to around $35 000.

Imagine that…
A $35 000 SUV with 505HP that gets 117MPG.
Again, it sounds pretty crazy and unreal.

The Warren Buffet backed Chinese company will introduced other plug-in SUVS in 2015. Named  Song and Yuan. A third one named Ming will follow later.

I mean, if Warren Buffet’s company owns part of it, it can’t be that bad. Right?

I can’t wait for someone to actually drive this thing and report on it….

The crowd funding of “Burlapp trip to China” starts right now!

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  1. Vince, the specs and pricing on this vehicle as quoted in your post sure seems too good to be true. As you know, Chinese built vehicles in particular have suspect quality in materials and especially in the ride and handling department.

    Also well known is their reputation for blatant theft of patents and copyrights which leads me to believe that's what is behind the technology driving this pseudo Lexus RX wannabe.

  2. Exterior is a "sloppy copy" of the Toyota/Lexus cuv. Interior however is an improvement over the RX. I like the horizontal silver line (obviously borrowed from Dodge Journey) and the "BMW x3-like" wood. Wouldnt trust my life in a chinese car in a accident though!

  3. Strangely no claims on acceleration or top speed, probably a sub 5s 0-60 and 160mph plus top end…? Imagine this beauty at full throttle, what a car LMAO

  4. January 23, 2015 at 5:46 AM I doubt a successful lawsuit. Korean companies have been stealing (copying) U.S. Patents for decades, on everything from cars to appliances to computers and phones. Our Federal Government would have to take a more capitolistic view of business before any serious effort can be made to keep foreign governments, companies, & crime organizations from stealing patents, copyrights, and the profit and jobs that go with them. Its a big big problem that our current administration doesnt seem to give a rip about. Just wait till China gets better at stealing automotive electronic architecture!

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