Chevrolet Bolt Concept

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Another concept that looks like it’s “ready to go”.
But who knows.

At least outside, everything looks production ready to me.
They are claiming “more than 200 miles range” and a price of around $30 000.
The range would match the upcoming Tesla model III while being cheaper.

Although I don’t really see both cars competing against each other anyway. The Tesla will go after the 3 series while this would appeal more to Prius or C-Max owners.

Let’s hope the production model looks the same. And that we don’t have to wait to long for this.

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  1. The skyline in the first two shots is Melbourne, Australia.

    I wonder if the concept car was styled/built here?

  2. Not really feeling this one.

    The lower grille treatment looks like it's being gagged or something.

  3. I feel it looks like something out of Brazil. Cheap and too sporty for type of buyer that would buy one. Plus, it's got the worst name ever.

  4. Turns out both this and the Avenir were designed and built in Melbourne, at the Holden design centre.

  5. looks really good. seems like a smart package.

    while i think the face is a nice evolution of Chevy themes, the overall design to me reads Escape and i3 had a kid. Lot better looking than the i3, though.

    the name though – Bolt? are you a Nut?

  6. I"m undecided on the front end treatment. But overall, I think Chevy did a very good job with this. It's a good avant-garde design that ought to do well.

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