Kia KX3

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So far this is for the Chinese market (Which is what they always say before it ends up over here)

It looks a bit generic to me. Kia has done more original stuff in the last few years.
Still, it does seem nice.
Nice enough to compete with the new Mazda CX2 and Honda HR-V.

Power comes from a 1.6 Liter engine with 123HP. Of a Turbo version with 200HP.
Which could be quite interesting…

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  1. That's the strongest reaction I've had to a design in a long time, and it wasn't positive. That front end is monstrous.

  2. The front end actually makes sense if you delete the headlights.

    So this is the Soul in an alternate average CUV universe…

    – FusioptimaSX

  3. I actually like the design. It's the powertrain that is always a let down with Hyundai/Kia. Piss poor MPG, middling Horsepower output that is always flat, gutless and designed with poor driving dynamics when compared against competitors.

    Did I mention that I like the overall design?

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