More pictures of the new 2016 Lincoln MKX

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I still think this looks really good.

But again, still almost a year away. Since it is scheduled for “Fall 2015”.

Standard engine is a 300HP 3.7 Liter V6.
A Turbo 330HP 2.7 Liter V6 is an option.
Both use a 6 speed automatic. (Not that modern by today’s standards)

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  1. say what you want that it's a Lincoln…it's a great looking luxury crossover/SUV. Much better than anything else out there at this point.

    You're right…it seems they are going after Audi with their designs. Looks like a real winner!

    and for all you who think only Lexus can design attractive cars – if this car had the L on the back that wasn't Lincoln, you'd be slobbering over it's looks. Get real. It's a great looking automobile – inside and out!

  2. I am not really convinced that anyone on Earth "thinks only Lexus can design attractive cars"…

  3. I'm not understanding the word structure of that statement. Does anyone actually think that Lexus does design attractive cars. B'cause I do not.

    As for this Lincoln, this is very smart looking. Not revolutionary. But at least it's now in the game.

  4. Lexus sell in spite of, NOT because of, their looks. People believe they will be more reliable and are willing to trade dependability for pretty much everything else. (especially old people, worried about getting stranded).

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