VW Cross Coupe GTE Concept

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I think this is so right, and so wrong at the same time.

I do think it looks really good. Basically a 5 seat version of the CrossBlue Concept. But a bit more modern and aggressive.

What’s wrong? The name for one. A 5 seat version of a 7 seat SUV is NOT a coupe!
And, it is yet another SUV concept from VW.
They don’t need more concepts, they need production models!

The original CrossBlue concept was introduced 2 years ago! Not that futuristic to begin with, it is still NOT in production.
Two years later all they have is another concept.
What is wrong with these people???

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  1. Just what we need; ANOTHER 5-seat cuv. Reminds me of when Chrysler brought out the body-on-frame RWD v8 Aspen SUV just when everybody else came out with FWD-based v6 unibody cuvs! Late to the party vw–by about 5 years!

  2. I think the entire CUV "coupe" idea is ridiculous. I guess it will continue to expand if people continue to accept/buy them though. Whatever.

  3. VW always produces aggressive concepts, then produces the same derivative SUV designs. I don't even know why anyone bothers anymore. This particular design is fine. But it's essentially a small SUV designed with a ruler. Not all that interesting given that there's not a chance that it'll ever be produced.

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