2016 Audi A4???

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This is supposed to be a scan from the official brochure.

Soi the perspective is kind of messed up anyway.

I’m nor convinced.

Sure, it does look like an A4. Why not. All we know so far is that the next one will be a slightly squared off version of the current car. And probably worse looking, like the new A3 hatch or the Q7.
And it will be based on the “new” MQB platform.
(So it’ll be even closer to a VW than before.)

I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer for the real thing. Just don’t except any surprises.
Any at all…

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  1. Whether it's based on a modified version of a platform shared with VW or not, Vince, you really should learn what "platform sharing" means if you are going to discuss it. It does not mean that the new A4 will resemble a VW at all. Every automaker does it, yet you love to call it out with Audi. As stated already, this is not using the MQB platform. The MLB platform used on the next A4 will be the basis for larger VW, Audi and Porsche models.

    Honestly Vince, I've read this blog for at least a decade. These inaccuracies, typos and juvenile biases are lame. All of the other blogs are evolving. You really need to start getting more professional.

  2. I would like to continue to check your blog but the fact that you have numerous typos per entry drives me absolutely crazy.

  3. the A4 is a horribly tiny car. The back seat is too small for anyone past the 7th grade. I'm sorry, but just because you over charge for a car doesn't make it a luxury car. This is just a car for stupid "wanta be's" who are easily duped. people who, if they were smart, would save up and buy a real car. Or buy a car that isn't trying to be something its not–like a jetta, dart, prius
    or cruise.

  4. An uptick in drama: notice rounded trunk lid joining subtle curve of rear window and arched top of rear fascia. Plus larger, more shapely and more colorful tail lights.

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