2016 Chevrolet Equinox

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Well, after all these years (since 2009), the Equinox is only getting a new front end and rear lights.

(And let’s not forget the larger screen inside)

Which means it’ll be at least 2 years for a new one.
I guess they don’t care since it is selling better than ever…

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  1. It's a shame they can't come up with something other than that God awful Chevy "face" that only grows worse (and larger) with time, as, overall, the Equinox is pretty attractive–even Mercedes-esque from some angles.

  2. Its a very good vehicle. Better mileage and much much better safety rating than Toyota or Honda (and a much better value considering its so much less expensive). Even competitive with Ford & Jeep & Dodge! Still not all that great to look at, but hey, if you want good looking then get the GMC version. You'll still get stellar safety ratings!

  3. Now that the fleets no longer have the Captiva/Vue to kick around anymore, I'm sure this will become the darling of the rental lot! Why risk alienating the commercial consumer with a first-year model? (Apparently the retail consumers don't much care.)

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