2016 Honda Pilot: a new star in the festival of blah…

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Looking like a car from 1990 with a CR-V front end.

Sure, it seems that most buyers in that segment don’t care about style.
And this is really just a Crossover version of their Minivan.
So it’s got all the gadgets families now think they need.

Still. It seems that anyone else is at least trying harder (Except Audi with the new horrible Q7)

This makes the Pathfinder look like a sports car…

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  1. Vince this is a huge improvement over the current model. It was hideous now it is just plain ugly.

  2. Honda can't style a car to save their lives. The direct-front view is particularly unattractive. I'm sure it'll be a hit nonetheless as most consumers are taste-challenged.

  3. Big improvement over the current design even if it does borrow a lot from the current CRV, probably not a bad approach. At least Honda is back to doing decent design as opposed to horrible design (previous generation Accord, CRV, Pilot….)

  4. I have a 1990 Honda and this still looks a good 15 years newer…that being said, it is 2015. Looks like the fatter version of the Hyundai Santa fe.

  5. The same grill looked just at bad on the Oddity Minivan. Rest of it looks good though, inside & out. A slightly cleaner version of the Chevy Traverse. Which is probably close in price, quality, size, MPG & resale value.

  6. Couldn't they at least call it the PR-V? Then they could have changed the Odyssey's vacuum attachment in back to something more.. romantic. 😉

  7. I agree with Vince. It looks like a minivan with a heavy heaping of Chevy Traverse thrown in. Nothing original.

    There was lots to like when it came to the styling of the previous one. anManly. Purposeful. Which explains why you gals don't like it. 🙂

  8. No, it is not as attractive or interesting, say, as the Santa Fe, Explorer or CX-9.

    But it is not odd like many recent Hondas (Fit, HR-V, Civic coupe). It is just plain vanilla. And it is not soul-killingly boring and awkward, like the current Pilot.

    Plus, think of all the brands out there who'd kill to have a 7-seat CUV that was this good. Chrysler/Dodge, VW, even Chevy don't have anything in this league. How old is the Traverse? Old, right?

  9. carlitics said… Dodge has a 7-seat SUV thats miles ahead of this. The 300HP/30MPG/7-seat Durango. With 4wd capability that only Jeep ( & some Dodges) can even offer. And interior "fit & finish" that makes even Acura look a bit chintzy. And and all-across LED tail light thats "to die for".

  10. Yeah right! Dodge?
    Please don't even bring those every 2 year models to this conversation. How come no one is able to see how the front bumper is more like a cayenne copy than anything else? At the end of the day it doesn't matter what people like us say. Most of us in this site are just critics, not actual buyers. I personally am a Wrangler unlimited, Range Rover and G500 guy, but I still give my opinion because I love automobiles. If the last pilot was selling like hot cakes, this one will sell like chocolate on Valentine's day.
    Stop bitchin' appreciate the effort.
    Then again some of you are haters who won't admit it.

  11. Yes, the Durango is a very solid SUV. But I it is much more on the towing/full-size end of the crossover spectrum. The Pilot is a more mainstream type – focused on boring but practical things like interior space, gas mileage, cup holders and that stuff. And yes, the Durango tail lights are AWESOME.
    AWD Durango V6 gets 17mpg city/24 hwy (or less). Nowhere close to 30mpg.

  12. why N.American Honda hasn't canned some axxes from its Design Team and leadership, I can't understand when I see products like these.

  13. They messed up the rear…again. and they have come up with the 120th grille in as long as 10 years.

  14. February 15, 2015 at 1:48 PM I stand corrected; official numbers for Dodge Durango give a choice of 360HP & 23 MPG -or- 290HP & 25 MPG. Either way, the Durango package puts the Acura to shame! The 8"nav screen & 7" insturment screen alone are reason enough to drop $55k on the Dodge!

  15. No one is stopping you. If you are in love with Dodge like that, just go ahead and do it. There is no need for you to keep making a Dodge commercial here. My friends think I'm stupid for getting a Wrangler unlimited, but I will never try to convince them, so stop convincing us on how much you like Fiat. Hope you're buying to keep though, after 2 or 3 years that Dodge won't worth jack! And Honda is more reliable than any Renault or Fiat products.

  16. February 16, 2015 at 7:48 PM I just like to keep an open (accurate) mind. Honda and Toyota like to tout their resale values and CU & CR like to say FCA has poor resale. But the truth is that your FCA Jeep Wrangler has one of the highest resale values out there–and that's been the case for years now. So its not that I'm in love with Dodge so much, its that I like to challenge ignorant stereotypes like "Honda will be more reliable than Dodge or Buick or Ford" BS. The quality differences these days from Chevy to Mercedes to Lexus are miniscule at best. Ditto on reliability. Theres simply no reason to make payments on a car you think is ugly out of some mis-placed belief that it must make up for the ugliness in other ways–like resale or reliability or cost of ownership. Buy what makes you happy. If your not into cars, but the cheapest 1-3 year old used vehicle you can fine. Common sense.

  17. The ecodiesel V6 that gets 29 MPG in the Dodge RAM 1500 Full-size truck, is not yet available in the Durango.

  18. Do I find it attractive: No.

    Will Honda have difficulties in finding willing and eager buyers for it: No.

    A fairly dull comment for a rather boring vehicle.

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