2016 Hyundai Tucson

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Looking quite nice, if a bit generic.
It seems that all new compact SUVs look the same these days.
As for the interior, it is more than generic. It could literally be anything. From anyone.

Still, I am sure this will do quite well.

Not sure what engines will be offered in the US, but the automatic has now 7 gears.
So you know. And be warned….

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  1. Another hit for Hyundai. Besides the Veloster and redesigned Sonata, they have been doing good design wise. Now it is time to make the the new Genesis Coupe look like the concept car.

  2. Vince it may look "generic" to your eyes but have you seen the current Tucson? This is a very significant improvement

    As you know I am no fan of Hyundai but I have to admit this looks very good. Now, here's the big question, can they deliver on superior fuel economy? Class leading Powertrain refinement and ride and handling in this segment? Highly doubtful based on past history. But hey, I'm open to being surprised.

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