2016 Nissan Maxima

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These pictures are from the current SuperBowl commercial Nissan is running.
As predicted, the production Maxima looks a lot like the “Sport Sedan Concept” from last year.

A welcome upgrade from the current model.

This is last year’s concept.
Sure, it is quite a bit sleeker and sportier. But I think Nissan did a great job in the translation to a production model. 

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  1. What? Why? As in what made them think all those undulating wavy curves running along the full length of the sides of this car would make it any less appealing?

    And why is it that every car Nissan produces today seem like it's made from melted, Velveeta cheese? Nissan clearly missed an opportunity to make the Maxima's design simple yet elegant by refining the concept.

    Instead what we have is a gooey, unsightly mess!

  2. Worst image they could have shown of the car, though. Distant, bad color, bad angle. I'm waiting to see this car in person.

  3. funny but every time a car looks different not generic like most of them ,people always complain about how ugly they look ,,,,think out of the box sometimes !
    personaly i think its a nice looking car and is set appart from the competition

  4. This looks muscular and elegant, like a Maxima should. You can see a definite, all new Murano influence in this car.
    Classy, strong, a winner in my humble opinion.

  5. People will always complain, it will always be bland and a "mix of a lot of other designs", and if it's not then it's ugly. I'll wait until I see it in person, for now all I can say is that it looks different from everything else on the road and I like that.

  6. Nissan tested the concept and production model in styling clinics to current owners as well as owners of competitive makes. Face it naysayers, the era of "Checker Marathon" slab-sided boring styling is through. Buyers want distinction and excitement in their brand and this provides it IN SPADES. 2-dimensional photos of all new designs can NOT convey the curves and angles this obviously has. I predict it will be AWESOME in person and will sell phenomenally well among both Nissan-fans and probably pull in a lot of competitive-brand owners as well.
    To the post who said this looks like a Ford Maverick you are seriously delusional.
    I don't own a Nissan and never have…not really a fan. But this is a marvelous design that moves sedan styling another step into the future.

  7. I think it'll be hit with its intended crowd. Sub-prime mortgage ghetto spawns. Rap music became mainstream after all.

  8. I agree with 6:00 PM that this is a design that moves sedan styling another step into the future. Yes, some details are unusual and I am not the biggest fan of the rear door, but at least they tried something different and truely new. This car has the potential either to be the next Pontiac Aztec or the next Citroen DS (the original, of course).

  9. Yes it is different. So is a puffer fish. That doesn't make me want to park one in my driveway.

    Nissan is lost.

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