2016 Renault Kadjar

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I think this just look like a rounded Mazda CX-7.
Which is not a bad thing. I really liked the CX-7.
With a bid of Nissan thrown into the mix. Of course.

No idea why it is based on, but it would make sense to share its platform with out Nissan Rogue. Since it looks about the same size. A bit larger than the European Nissan Qashqai.

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  1. Yes, derived from the Qashqai/Rogue platform. given similar front half of the greenhouse, I wouldn't be surprised to find out it hares some sub structure or door frames as well…

  2. Is this really what a Renault should look like these days? The interior is exchangeable, the greenhouse is lame and compared to recent Renaults (e.g. Clio, Capture and Twingo), this is too old, too conservative and I am missing that speacial "Frenchness" to it. A missed oportunity.

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