2016 Toyota Avalon

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The new one is on top. Just a teaser for now.
(The red car is the current model)

Looks like the Avalon is going to look more like the current Camry. I am sure they’re will be new lights in the rear as well. And small changes inside.

Otherwise, it’s basically the same car.
Which will be competing with the “polarizing” new 2016 Maxima.

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  1. Not saying I love the new maxima but I bet I've seen a thousand of these avalons (current face) on the road and I have never noticed a single one of them. I don't think I will notice any of the new faced ones either. But I sure will notice when I see the new Maxima on the road. Just like I still notice Jukes on the road when they been out for about 5 years already. Put the new murano on that list too. They are popping up like crazy and definitely have a road presence.

    Kudos to nissan for making striking designs to break up the sea of vanilla. Whether I think they look good or not.

  2. Whenever I see the current selection of Toyota/Lexus vehicles, I taste bile. They are dreadful vehicles.

  3. at 'Robert'…

    "Striking designs?"

    Actually, buyers aren't taking to Nissan's bizarre styling.

    Poor sales numbers for the wild looking Juke are a prime example. There may be other reasons why it hasn't caught on, but styling is a big issue with that car.

    Personally, I agree that Nissan should be commended for developing their own unique design language. No question that it is vastly different than most of the vehicles out there.

    But "different" isn't always attractive.

  4. Sad that the handsome Avalon is being dumbed down to look more like the Camry.. perhaps this is to keep it from continuing to steal sales from the hideous Lexus ES.

  5. Looks like they inverted the grill and made it darker. I guess in the name of "sportiness". That is not what the Avalon should be.

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