2017 Mercedes C-Class

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Looks like the new C-Class will be revised a bit for the 2017 model year.
Inside, (as pictured on the illustration agoe), the iPad looking screen will be integrated into the dash.

More like its larger S-Class cousin.

We’ll see. This might actually come out in a few months in the new 2016 C-Class coupe and convertible versions.

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  1. If a GM product had panel gaps as huge as the mess on that Benz dash, it would be endlessly ripped for poor quality and terrible design.

    Oh, but germans did these panel gaps, so they must have a purpose.

  2. What about the E class? Its getting a bit long in the tooth. And why not an E class convertible? The world is stuffed with way-too-small (no or useless back seat convertibles) Why not something where an American could fit in the back seat? Nobody is doing that. Even the bigger Chrysler is not going to be replaced.

  3. That took long enough, after all the criticism MB must have had with selling cars with tack on screen, now only the CLA will have it I'm sure. Hopefully BMW will follow suit.

  4. Vince, I think this is just a artist rendering. The new E-class is getting a stand-alone screen, integrated into the dash, but separate from the gauge cluster screen. Almost a cross between the current C-class, and the S-class. So I expect the C-class to remain as it currently is.

    Where as with this(and the S-class), it is one continuous flow from the gauge display, over to the navigation screen, with a tiny plastic bezel separating the two screens. Mercedes wouldn't give us an S-class and a C-class that were the same, but an E-class that was a mix of what the other two used to be.

  5. Vince, despite your endless typos, I will say that this dash looks awfully busy. it must be the color of the fake wood.

  6. To the Anonymous poster re: an E Class convertible.

    You realize that there IS an E class convertible…right?

  7. February 17, 2015 at 8:26 AM "E CLASS CONVERTABLE" There is one…for now. Its rumored to be getting replaced by an even smaller c-class vert. (Not that the current E vert is really as big as an E sedan, anyway)

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