Infiniti QX30 Concept

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I think this is really good looking.

This could be quite a hit for Infiniti. And could finally help them crack the European market. (It is still rumored to be produced in the UK soon) And, as far as I know, it is still based on the same platform as the Mercedes CLA/GLA class.

Should be quite interesting…

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  1. Very, very nice, but what's up with the black flares and bumper? I suppose it disguises its proportions a bit, but how's it going to look outside in the real world? Same when they add door handles. And what about the trim at the bottom of the door; will they keep it or neuter it come production time? I like it, but I think there are other bits that could be tied in with it to make it look like less of an accessory.

    And Vince, I look forward to the next CAPTCHA game. 🙂

  2. Looking sharp! This little winner wears the brand's design language quite well. If the production version doesn't stray too far from this concept, then Infiniti will definitely have a hit on its hands with this vehicle.

  3. Love this. Everyone is trying to be the next Evoque. Thankfully small SUVs are looking like more than blobs.

  4. Too generic. If it werent for the rear side window/c-pillar I would have mistaken if for a HondyundaiUbaruazdaevroletfordkia contraption. Or something from the perverse mind of Geely.

  5. Somehow this design makes me feel sad and exhausted. From an SUV design I want to get some fun and happy feeling conveyed.

  6. The look of this design is visually appealing. Nissan/Infiniti/Renault needs to lose those dreadful swoopy lines running along the sides. Yes, they're called "character lines" in design speaks but there's just too much of it. Also the B pillar or rear passenger area looks very confining.

    I wonder just how much room there will be for grown adults? Pffft!

  7. Typical French inspired design with too many swooping lines adding nothing to a the car as a whole. This is just too busy to be attractive to my eye.

  8. I wouldn't own a sub-compact or even a compact cuv if I wanted an airy backseat. The infinity pathfinder or infinity armada maybe a better choice.

  9. The GLA I assume from the lack of front seat comfort for my 6'1" frame, is for ladies or little guys. Unless infinity works some magic, it'll fit the same demographic.

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