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This new Alltrack version is based on the European Passat Wagon.
You know, the one we don’t get.

The all new Passat  is already a good looking car. But, I think, this looks even better.

4Motion is standard. Which would really make a great competitor to the Subaru Outback over here.
( I know VW will be selling us a 4WD version of the redesigned Sportwagen. But it is a smaller car than the Outback)

I just wonder if the Euro Passat will ever make it over here at all…

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  1. I know the wagon is not the most exciting segment in the auto industry, but the exterior design on this one is extremely dull to me.

  2. No. They only reason we have an "American" Passat is that the "world" Passat (aka European Passat) wasn't selling. Unless Americans start getting shorter–really fast– the US market for a smaller Passat will be too small to build a business case around.

  3. Europeans are willing to pay for higher quality cars…Americans buy their cars by the pound…the of this car would be far too expensive for US pocketbooks.

  4. Vince, I say let them keep this over there and save us from having to look at this slab of metal. Unless you're a fanatic of VW, I see nothing about this model's design to get giddy about.

    Three words best describe this; Plain, dull and Boring.

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