2016 Jaguar XF

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Again, a disappointment. (At least to me)
After the XE, now this. Both look more to me like Japanese cars than real Jaguars.
Especially inside.

That profile now reminds me of a 2003 Subaru Legacy. Which is sad.

A “Jag” should be different, special.
The previous XF was the 1st step in the wrong direction. This redesigned one is even worse.

I am sure it drives great, weighs less blah blah blah.
But Jaguars should have much more personality than this.
Other manufacturers like Porsche or Aston Martin are able to keep their design personality while making modern cars.
It seems that jaguar has not figured it out.
Instead they now look like a Lexus with a Jaguar grille and logos. (At best)

And that interior design is almost in insult to Jaguar fans.

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  1. While these new Jags do have a very conservative design, At least they don't suffer from the weird curves and mishmash of intersecting lines like many of the current Japanese designs do. Of the European automakers, only Mercedes seems to be making interestingly designed cars – and even they are starting to just make differing versions of the CLS riff. Audi seems intent on making people drive the box the car came in, and BMW just keeps photocopying the same design over and over.

    Honestly, all the luxury automakers seem to be struggling for design inspiration lately. The metrics of lighter, faster, more fuel efficient are trumping style. IDK why, it's not like the stylists are designing the engines, so why can't we have it all?

  2. Jaguar is a car you buy for it's STYLE. Not because it can hold it's own against BMW (which is debateable) or trump Lexus (a given). But because it is unique on the outside (this isn't–too much like a Ford Focus greenhouse) and swathed in nappa leather and fine wood inside ( WHERE'S THE WOOD????) I've loved Jaguars for decades, the British homage to heritage ( WOOD!!! ) etc. But this time around… I pass. Sorry Jag, this one's a FAIL. (I still like the XJ though!)

  3. Vince, if you think that this Jaguar bears any resemblance whatsoever to some archetypal Japanese style, you have completely lost your mind. The XF (like the XE) is understated, traditional, conservative and relies primarily on proportion to achieve a purposeful presence.

    Lexus, Honda, Nissan/Infiniti, and even Mazda to some degree, rely on heavy-handed styling details and cutting-edge techno-mod themes to create their personalities, for better or for worse.

    In some photos, the XF is boring (I think it looks better in motion). I think it looks an awful lot like the Fusion from the rear 3/4 (albeit with far superior RWD proportions.) The interior is also dull compared to the highly-styled or more fussy treatments from the Asian and German brands. I'm not saying it is great.

    So, yes, feel free to be underwhelmed and disappointed. But please, do not call it generic Japanese. That it ain't.

  4. For some reason this greenhouse is very popular these days. It is also on the following: Avalon, Altima, Infinti M, Nissan Sentra, Dodge Dart, Crosstour, Linclon MKX, Hyundai Genesis, Ford Fusion, Chrysler 200, BMW GT, 2003 Legacy, Chevy Impala, Buick Velero and introducing the all new Jaguar XF.

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