2016 Kia Optima

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 Looking real good from this angle.

But the front end (Especially the front bumper) looks quite different from this official sketch released last week.
Maybe the new picture is the “sporty” (Turbo) version….

Much more, very soon.

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  1. Like the "knock-off" dot grill design! (copied from MB CLC-class; which in turn is a copy of the 1966 Chrysler New Yorker grill pattern.)

  2. Yikes fake lower vents. Yikes lower intake. What has happened to the Hyundai/KIA design?

    Those grill and the lower portion don't match at all. There is no cohesiveness to the design.

  3. Just missing some horizontal grill bars thrown in for good measure, and maybe some portholes on the hood. (Too many bits here that just clash, IMHO.)

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